Insurable real property includes buildings, completed additions, fixtures, signs, and permanently installed machinery and equipment.


Business Personal Property includes furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, “stock”, merchandise and other property owned and used in business.


While special risk policy valuation is based on replacement cost of the property, most other policies have coinsurance condition to ensure that insurance limit carried on the risk is at least 80% of the replacement cost value.Some coinsurance conditions may be as low as 60% of replacement cost.


Among others, Flood is not covered in standard policies; however, coverage can be obtained by adding Flood endorsement to the policy or by purchasing a separate Flood policy.


Most common property damage claims are related to water damage resulting from pipe bursts, which can cause damage to multiple units in high-rise commercial buildings. Fire losses may occur less frequently but the resulting damages can be severe with more than just rebuilding costs.


Coverage investigation, quantum estimation, investigating liability for subrogation avenues, salvage determination, calculating coinsurance and all other pertinent areas are just a short list of what we address on a claim file.


We leave no stone unturned!



  • Insured hotel caught fire from a heater causing damage to 7 rooms resulting in a property damage and business interruption claim of $250,000
  • Insured has tenant that tossed a cigarette out in trash can and the entire building burnt to the ground, besides the loss of rents, fire resulted in $500,000 property damage claim.