A business cannot risk being without this insurance coverage as it is designed to protect it from monetary damages they may become legally obligated to pay because of “bodily injury” or “property damage” to a third party resulting from an accident or occurrence.


Let Orion adjusters investigate and help you determine liability.



  • Insured is a sub-contractor working on a job site and using a forklift to move a large piece of equipment. Insured fails to properly secure the load and the equipment falls and lands on one of the other sub-contractor’s employees, crushing his foot. Damages $189,390
  • While moving from marina to storage area, insured’s container stacker with its boom upwards tangles, pulls and breaks overhead high-voltage power lines supplying electricity to neighboring steel manufacturing company. As a result, steel plant operations cease for 26 hours until power lines were replaced. Neighboring business claims $220,000 loss of production/business.