Purpose of Loss Control / Risk Assessment is to define areas of potential loss before they occur or to prevent further loss from accidents that have occurred in the past.

We provide Loss Control / Risk Assessment Services to insurance carriers, insurance brokers, banks, self-insured industrial companies, construction companies and contractors.


Focus of Property inspections is to identify potential losses from fire, flood and other natural or man-made elements as well as assess probable amount of loss.

  • COPE (Construction-Occupancy-Protection-Exposure)
  • Builders Risk

Casualty risk assessment inspections focus on the potential liability losses arising from bodily injury, property damage of public, occupants, tenants, customers or neighbors.

  • Liability-Mercantile/Manufacturing
  • Liability-Habitational-Life Safety
  • Liability-Construction Contractors
  • Liability-Miscellaneous Contractors

Marine loss control inspections identify potential losses from all types of damage as well as liability arising from insured’s operations. 

  • All Types of Cargo
  • Terminal Operators Liability
  • Freight Forwarders Liability

Our professional staff can provide commercial lines field inspections from short form inspections to full commercial reports with recommendations.Photos and when applicable Diagrams are included in our report.